Below are just a few of the shorts I've written over the years.

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It was a store robbery gone wrong when the criminal got away but the victim was hit by a car. Then it happened again.
And Again.
For newly hired detective, Phil Ford, this was beyond coincidence. Told not to investigate further, he couldn't let it go. When he falls into a much larger conspiracy involving death-for-hire, organized crime, and corruption in the Sanford Sheriff's Department; it will cost him more than he knows to get to the truth.

A block of ice in a Florida park. A victim posed inside. 
The first officers on the scene struggle to maintain the melting evidence. 
Then it happens again. 
...and again....and again...
While the officers wonder why they are always the first on scene, their department begins to wonder the same.

New from Demain Publishing UK

Set on a small International space station, a research crew high above Earth is about to discover that what they thought was nothing but empty black outside their station, wasn't.

Check out the release announcement from Demain through Kendall Reviews here, which includes an interview.
This collection also includes the stories A Lot Of Things Wrong and Run Till You Can’t. The eBook is available first with a paperback coming shortly after. 

My short story, "Atchafalaya" appears in this newest anthology from Eerie River Publishing. The second volume of their wildly successful anthology all about stories involving those things that call to us from the forest with malice and violence on their minds.

"Atchafalaya" is the story of a man's quest to vindicate the lives of his friends by destroying the creature that killed them.

When an aide to a senator dies of an apparent suicide, D.C. believes it to be true, except for Senator Joseph Bell.
He, along with a fellow senator, embark on their own quest to uncover the truth behind the death and ultimately follow it all the way to the "Red Scare" hearings of Senator McCarthy.

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I'm pleased to present an anthology I was fortunate enough to be on the editorial team for that benefits the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

17 dark tales handpicked among hundreds from great authors. Some are new to readers and some are established creators. Altogether, a fantastic collection for fan of dogs, horror, dogs, thrillers, dogs, and the supernatural...and dogs.

​New from Eerie River Publishing

There is darkness in magic and we have given life to that darkness.
Dark Magic is a collection of over two hundred bite-size drabbles of dark fantasy and horror from some of the best names in horror/dark fiction.

What's a drabble? It's a story written in only 100 words. Come check out my three and stay for rest.