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Two city friends spend a weekend camping out in the woods of upstate New York, trying to get away from their hectic lives.
But now it is time to head home.
Heavy fog, a lost map, and no GPS mark the start of their journey on the first day of their trek.
And it only gets worse from there.
Each other.
The threats to their lives grow with each step as they struggle to make it back and it isn't certain if either wants the other to make it.

From the world of Dave Jeffery’s A QUIET APOCALYPSE come ten unique stories with one, ultimate vision …
To show what it takes to endure A Silent Dystopia...
My story, "Shut Up, Donny", is in this amazing new anthology set in this terrifying world, along with some fantastic names in the horror community.
Edited by D.T. Griffith with stories from J.A. Sullivan; Stephanie Ellis; Kev Harrison; Raven Dane; Morgan K. Tanner; John Palisano; David Youngquist; Steve Stred; Tom & Dave Jeffery

A.S. MacKenzie

Out now from Creative James Media!

Ten stories of fright to warm your Christmas winter nights.

Eight authors bring you frightening tales to celebrate the dark side of the season. Grab your hot chocolate and settle in as we show you a different side of Santa Claus and this festive season. Stories by Matt Bliss, Christopher Bond, L. A. Stinnett, Gerri R. Gray, A.S. MacKenzie, Nicole Wolverton, Josslyn Dyer and Alaine Greyson are sure to bring the spooky to your holiday season.



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